Wisconsin Oven shipped a custom-designed, multi-zone conveyor oven for melting high-temperature polymer into a steel ring that houses electronic components. Steel rings are loaded on the conveyor belt two rows wide for a heating time of 48 minutes. The oven, which is destined for a company in the oil and gas industry, features four independent heating zones that allow the customer to rearrange the oven in various configurations to obtain their desired heating zone lengths. It is capable of processing 25 parts per hour and has a maximum temperature rating of 450°C (842°F).

 The oven utilizes a top-down airflow configuration that delivers the air over the full width and length of the heating chamber. The ductwork is adjustable so it can be set for optimum airflow efficiencies. The customer requested a guaranteed temperature uniformity of +/-10°, which was verified through a nine-point profile test prior to shipment. The oven also includes a Eurotherm 3504 temperature controller with Ethernet communications.