Since 1933, the Metal Treating Institute (MTI) has played a vital role in the success of companies in the heat-treating industry. As the largest network of heat treaters in the world, MTI has sought to have an impact in four key areas of commercial, captive and suppliers in the heat-treating industry.

Enhance the Image of the Heat-Treating Industry

MTI is continually marketing the expertise, quality standards, safety and impact of heat treating throughout the industry. This past year, MTI developed an energetic three-minute video to help anyone from a consumer, customer or college student understand the impact heat treating plays in their life each day. Through their four technical training certificate programs and YES Management Training Program, MTI helps ensure that the people working in heat treating are properly trained and qualified.

Motivating the New Generation of Employees

Almost every industry in any country has a major challenge: engaging and motivating a new generation of employees. MTI has reshaped its programs and service strategy to put focus on helping heat treaters engage the younger workforce. Through its Impact of Heat Treating video, MTI has provided a tool to help younger workers understand that what they do matters.

Knowing that young people grew up by competing for ranks in video games, MTI’s benchmarking program ranks companies in their local regions by sales and costs. With these rankings, companies are able to engage the competitive nature of the younger generation to motivate them to work smarter. Through MTI’s Online Academy certification programs, companies have a way to help young people achieve a personal status. MTI’s certifications build on one another to provide a path for employees to achieve levels of success. 

Protect the Way Heat Treaters Do Business

MTI and its members work diligently throughout the year with various affiliated groups like the National Association of Manufacturers, the Council of Manufacturing Associations, Nadcap, AMEC, ASTM, the Automotive Industry Action Group and Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters. Their efforts help foster a positive environment that has a good balance of standards and business practices. MTI members work in areas including technical specifications, safety standards and government regulations. MTI also provides online forums and resources to help heat treaters connect on best practices to maximize quality, safety and productivity.

Maximizing Productivity and Profitability

In a highly competitive business climate, it is important for any company to maximize its productivity and profitability so it can keep pace with the competitive risk and investment necessary of fast-paced technology shifts. It is important for heat treaters to be able to perform vital research and development as well as invest in the equipment needed to keep pace with quality and customer demands. Through programs provided by MTI, heat treaters can see forecasts for the future in heat treating and how they compare against the industry in sales, operational costs and wage/benefits. MTI also has partnership agreements in the areas of energy and business insurance to help companies with cost containment.


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