General Motors will invest $1.2 billion in its full-size pickup truck plant in Fort Wayne, Ind., for upgrades and technology that will improve the plant’s competitiveness in assembling light- and heavy-duty models. Construction of the new pre-treat, electro-coat paint operation and sealing facility, expanded body shop, expanded and new material sequencing centers, and upgraded general assembly area is expected to begin in June. Production schedules will not be affected by the construction. The investment includes the installation of new GM-patented radiant-tube ovens.

 In other news, GM will invest $1 billion in its Warren Technical Center campus, creating approximately 2,600 new jobs to support future business growth. The multiyear project, which includes renovating existing facilities and expanding other operations, will start this month and last through 2018. The new, salaried jobs are in core areas like product engineering, IT and design. Investment highlights include: construction of new design studios, rebuilding and renovating existing R&D facilities, construction of a multi-story IT building and construction to accommodate additional testing areas at the Advanced Energy Center.