Solar Atmospheres of California (SCA) added a large furnace to complement its current facility equipment arrangement.  The new vacuum furnace will enhance SCA’s ability to process a multitude of diverse processing parameters that currently exist in the vacuum heat-treating industry. It will also allow SCA to prepare for future material advancements and specification modifications that require strict adherence to process controls to include heating/cooling rates, process vacuum levels, temperature uniformity and mistake-proof processing. The furnace, which was designed by sister company Solar Manufacturing, went online May 1.

 The furnace has an energy-efficient, all-graphite hot zone measuring 84 inches in diameter x 144 inches long with a maximum operating temperature of 2650°F. It includes Solar Manufacturing’s state-of-the-art furnace control package, SolarVac 5000, and a hearth that can support loads in excess of 30,000 pounds.