French companies Spartacus3D (Farinia Group), a start-up specializing in additive manufacturing, and CTIF, a technical center specializing in castings and metal products, signed an agreement to develop a leading value chain with the goal of becoming a leader in metal additive manufacturing. Spartacus3D and CTIF’s collaboration agreement will lead to the launch of several projects that will be unveiled in the coming months. In particular, the agreement includes leveraging Spartacus3D’s expertise and resources in metal additive manufacturing with those of CTIF in metallurgy, product design and training.

 Additive manufacturing is not so different from casting since it generates both the material and the shape simultaneously. Therefore, the major challenge is to ensure that metallurgical characteristics evolve in such a manner that they give rise to material properties compliant with customer specifications. If appropriate conditions are met, the process results in excellent mechanical properties, capable of competing with those obtained by conventional methods.