Pyradia Industrial Ovens manufactured a walk-in oven for CTA – Aerospace Technological Center in 2013. The technical R&D facility is located in Saint-Hubert, Quebec. Its mission is to support the aerospace industry and improve its competitiveness by giving it a technological edge. The AMS 2750E, Class-I certified walk-in oven has a temperature uniformity of ± 5°F within a working zone of 6 feet long x 8 feet deep x 5 feet high with a maximum operating temperature of 500°F.

In 2014, the composites materials development team at CTA challenged Pyradia to modify the equipment to improve productivity when curing large parts.

Thanks to a thermocouple located on the part itself, CTA is now able to control the temperature according to the volume of the part following an automated calibration sequence. The equipment upgrade saved CTA five working days on pre-production tests.