CMI Industry Metals will supply three heat-treatment furnaces to Snecma, a multinational aircraft and rocket engine manufacturer for civil and military aircraft that is part of Safran Group. CMI will supply two hardening furnaces and the associated quench tanks as well as a tempering furnace. This strategic project aims to expand Snecma’s automated heat-treatment line at its Gennevilliers (France) plant, which specializes in the forging, casting and machining of aircraft engine parts. The upgraded facility will process high-performance special steels as well as nickel- and titanium-based superalloys.


 In other news, CMI Industry Metals will supply 16 heating and heat-treatment furnaces to Shandong Nanshan Aluminium Co. Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of the Nanshan Group, for its thermal processing related to superalloys in Nanshan’s Aviation Materials Park currently under construction. CMI will supply rotary furnaces, box furnaces, car-bottom furnaces, ventilated box heat-treatment furnaces and associated line equipment such as quenching, manipulators for material handling and charging cars. The order is a combination of both gas and electrical furnaces. Project completion is scheduled for the end of 2015.