Vacuum Process Engineering (VPE) announced the recent acquisition of an AVS-designed and manufactured vacuum hot press furnace system. This 2,400-ton hot press will be one of the largest installed in North America and will expand both manufacturing throughput and the maximum sizes of VPE’s diffusion-bonded micro-channel heat exchangers. The graphite hot-zone furnace has a useable internal pressing envelope of 60 inches wide x 120 inches long x 120 inches tall and is rated for temperatures in excess of 1700°C (3092°F) in vacuum and partial-pressure atmospheres.

 Two independent 1,200-ton rams and 10 high-accuracy load cells allow precision force and position control on the production elements. Sacramento, Calif.-based VPE is an advanced thermal-processing and manufacturing company specializing in precision brazing, diffusion bonding, specialized coatings and unique assembly methods. Ayer, Mass.-based AVS designs and manufactures thermal-processing solutions for a wide variety of markets and processes.