Lucifer Furnaces received an order from Vermont Gage LLC for an air recirculating oven, salt-bath pot furnace and quench tank. The new equipment will be used in the production of small steel component parts of measuring equipment. After preheating, parts will be loaded into the salt-bath pot furnace and then oil quenched in the quench tank, which is complete with air mixer, heater and soak timer.Next, the tools will be loaded into the oven to be held at a constant temperature over a period of time to stabilize the structure of the steel. The oven has working dimensions of 24 inches high x 24 inches wide x 36 inches long, heats to 800°F (426°C) and will be used for tempering.

 Insulated with 6.5 inches of multi-layered lightweight firebrick and block insulation with a roof lined with ceramic-fiber modules, the oven features a stainless steel liner that isolates the workload from the heating elements and directs airflow in a horizontal pattern. A high-CFM fan assembly mounted through the oven rear wall circulates air over heating elements and back through the work chamber.  Vermont Gage, a subsidiary of Vermont Precision Tools Inc., manufactures high-quality gauges with tolerances ranging from .00020 to .00002 inch.