With 911,700 square feet of sold exhibition space, Thermprocess, GIFA, METEC and NEWCAST 2015 have reached a new record. These leading international trade fairs for the metallurgy and foundry sectors now boast around 2,000 exhibitors from around the world, all of which will present their products and services from June 16-20 at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Held concurrently, Thermprocess (11tj International Trade Fair for Thermal Process Technology), GIFA (13th International Foundry Trade Fair), METEC (9th International Metallurgical Trade Fair) and NEWCAST (4th International Trade Fair for Precision Castings) will offer visitors and exhibitors important synergies.



At Thermprocess, industry leaders have booked considerably more square feet this year. About 300 exhibitors in Halls 9 and 10 have reserved over 110,860 square feet of exhibition space. Nearly 50% of exhibitors are from outside the host country. With 23 companies, Italy is the leading foreign exhibitor nation, followed by China (19) and the U.S. (15). The Thermprocess Symposium will provide information about technical innovations relating to heat treatment and modern energy engineering plant concepts, while the FOGI Special Show will focus on the heating, smelting and casting of metals, heating technology as well as the heat and surface treatment of metal, ceramics and glass. Vist the show's website for  more information.


GIFA, the oldest among the trade fair-quartet, will occupy 499,000 square feet of exhibit space, surpassing the record set in 1999. Regarding exhibitor numbers (801 companies), the 2015 staging is one of the most successful in the trade fair’s history. About 60% of GIFA exhibitors come from outside Germany, and Egypt, Bulgaria and Singapore will be represented for the first time, proving the event’s global significance. As in the past, Italy (113 companies) represents the largest exhibitor contingent, followed by China with 79 participants and Great Britain with 42 companies. The Technical Forum, with emphasis on energy efficiency and minimization of resource input, will provide visitors with up-to-date information. Visit the show's website for more information.


METEC offers 486 exhibitors from 35 countries and 230,950 square feet of exhibition space in Halls 3-7. A total of 64% of exhibitors come from European countries other than Germany or from overseas. China leads with 75 companies, followed by Italy with 50 exhibitors and the U.S. and India with 18 exhibitors each. METEC’s ancillary program consisting of the European Metallurgical Steel Technology and Application Days (ESTAD) and the European Metallurgical Conference (EMC) will offer additional opportunities for information exchange at an international level. Visit the show's website for more information.


NEWCAST is the youngest of the four metallurgy trade fairs (launched in 2003) and is becoming increasingly popular. More than 360 exhibitors from 31 different countries will present their products and services on 71,000 square feet of exhibit space in Halls 13 and 14. China has 148 suppliers of castings at the event, demonstrating that they are now one of the biggest players on the world market. The second-largest international contingent comes from Turkey (42 companies), while Japan is in third place with 30 exhibitors. Visit  the show's website for more information.

ecoMetals Campaign Sets Standards

Reduction of energy consumption and resource input is vital in the energy-intensive industries covered by these four events. With the ecoMetals campaign, Messe Düsseldorf highlights exhibitors that strongly focus on energy saving in production, make efficient use of materials and resources, use renewable energy sources, and optimize their technology to minimize energy consumption and resource input. Guided highlight tours (in English and German) to ecoMetals participants will be offered during the four trade fairs. Click here to register.


For information on visiting or exhibiting at Thermprocess, GIFA, METEC or NEWCAST 2015, contact Messe Düsseldorf North America at 312-781-5180 or info@mdna.com. You can watch a video preview of the event here.