Nutec Bickley received a contract for the supply of an indirect gas-fired aluminum heat-treating drop-bottom furnace from a major North American electrical components manufacturer. The unit will have working dimensions of 48 inches wide x 141 inches long x 36 inches high with a maximum load weight of 3,600 pounds. The complete system, including PLC-based instrumentation, will meet the highest standards for aluminum heat treatment, with a temperature uniformity of ±10°F.

 In other news, Nutec Bickley received a contract for one roller-hearth oven from a major supplier of transmission and electrical distribution components in Monterrey, Mexico. The oven is designed for curing and drying transformer components and has a production rate up to 3,500 kg/hour. It features a natural gas direct-fired burner system equipped with circulation and exhaust fans with one automatic temperature control zone.