L&L Special Furnace Co. Inc. manufactured two high-uniformity annealing furnaces with semi-automated quench tanks, quench-media coolers and a centralized wash station for an industry-leading supplier of aerospace fasteners and connectors. The annealing process occurs when the parts are evenly heated to 1100°F (530°C) and held for a predetermined amount of time. The furnace is manufactured in accordance with the pyrometry specifications of AMS 2750E. All thermocouple reference ports along with TUS survey ports and recording devices are included.

 There is a 7.5-HP fan to aid in temperature uniformity, as well as a reinforced baffle system with adjustable louvers to direct air flow. Three-zone SCR power control and a variable-drive speed control for the fans guarantee high uniformity. The parts are placed in several 12”x12”x8” baskets and loaded into the furnace on a roller loading tray before being run through the annealing cycle. After the parts are finished, they are manually transferred to the quenching station and automatically quenched within 20 seconds of the door opening.