Super Systems Inc. (SSi) and Sistemas Superiores Integrales (SSi Mexico) recently implemented a nitriding/ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC) automated control solution for Especialidades Termicas SA de CV (ETSA Group), an internationally recognized heat treater serving customers in Mexico since 1979. The control system will provide precise control of temperature and process gases including ammonia, nitrogen and CO2. With this setup, the instrumentation and sensors will be used to accurately control the process and provide the required nitriding potential (Kn).

 The parts will be run in accordance with AMS 2759/12A Group 3, Class 2 process parameters and will also meet CQI-9 requirements. The furnace used in the FNC process will continuously control compound layer with proper phase composition by using process gases and automatically control the nitriding and carburizing potentials. SSi’s SuperDATA system will be added for historical tracking of loads as well as real-time and historical process parameters. All data variables will be available in a format that allows operations, quality and maintenance personnel to use the provided data to minimize downtime, eliminate product variability and provide complete traceability to production runs.