Nutec Bickley received an order from a major U.S. corporation for a new line consisting of two pusher tray furnaces for the process of investment casting. The first furnace will be used to do a burnout, heating the molds to a temperature of 1600°F (870°C). The second furnace will be used to preheat the molds to a maximum temperature of 2300°F (1260°C). Each unit will be equipped with a tray handling system that incorporates a tray pusher and all the necessary equipment to move the trays from the kiln exit to the loading/unloading stations and then to the kiln entrance.

 Both of the furnaces are going to be equipped with Nutec Bickley’s IMPS® combustion and control system, which will allow flexible operation and ensure tight temperature uniformity and low energy usage. Both furnaces will also be equipped with Nutec Bickley’s SCADA, which permits the user to access process information in real time, to keep product traceability and maximize quality repeatability.