Advanced Quality™ is a new module recently released to the Bluestreak™ suite of products. Converted Units can be combined with Rounding for all variable-type control plan characteristics. In addition, Bluestreak stores all detailed quality test result data – Reported (Result), Measured, Converted, Rounded – so there is full data transparency for verification of how test values were collected and reported. Rounding features are extensible, which allows Bluestreak to add new rounding algorithms if needed in the future. Currently, the ASTM E-29-08 specification is supported as well as the Boeing BAC-5650 specification (hardness results only). Two other rounding algorithms based within Microsoft SQL Server are also provided. With Converted Units, Measured Units (UOM) can be specified in addition to the Reported Units (UOM). This allows users to record hardness in one scale and report the hardness in the scale the customer requires.