ExOne Company, a global provider of 3D printing machines and printed products to industrial customers, announced that six additional materials are now printable in the company’s printing systems: cobalt-chrome, IN alloy 718, iron-chrome-aluminum, 17-4 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and tungsten carbide. ExOne generally qualifies materials for production printing through customer partnerships at one of its research and development centers or in its eight worldwide production service centers.

According to ExOne, this new group of printable materials demonstrates the range of industries that can use its systems, including the aerospace, automotive, energy, foundry and medical markets. ExOne has previously qualified the following direct printed materials: 420 stainless steel infiltrated with bronze; 316 stainless steel infiltrated with bronze; iron infiltrated with bronze; IN alloy 625; bronze; bonded tungsten and glass. The company has also qualified silica sand and ceramic sand for indirect printing.