AFC-Holcroft received an order from a global automotive supplier for a rebuild/retrofit of an existing pusher furnace line along with contract additions for companion ancillary equipment. The first phase of the project involves restoration of an existing three-row pusher furnace line that includes a pusher furnace with quench, post-washer, temper furnace, transfers/conveyors, electrical control panels and flow-meter panels. The existing equipment will receive a number of modifications and upgrades to meet current industrial, safety and supplier standards.

                Visit IH’s website for information on the new equipment ordered.

The new companion ancillary equipment will consist of a three-row magazine loader, pre-washer, preheat furnace, oil storage tank, closed-loop cooling system, 13,500-cfh E-Z series endothermic gas generator, transfers/conveyors and powered exhaust system. A new holding chamber with press quench will integrate into the rebuilt/retrofitted equipment to allow for either direct part quenching (into the pusher-furnace quench tank) or press quenching (into the press quench).

 The equipment for rebuild/retrofit is already in storage at AFC-Holcroft’s build partner, MATTSA, in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. MATTSA will rebuild/retrofit the existing pusher furnace line and provide the new companion ancillary equipment. Completion of the first phase is expected in 2015.