AFC-Holcroft received an order from Heat Treating Services of Pontiac, Mich., for a two-chamber roller-hearth isothermal annealing line capable of producing 12,800 pounds/hour gross product. The system will consist of a charge vestibule, annealing furnace, fast-cooling chamber, holding chamber, atmosphere-controlled cool-down and discharge vestibule. An E-Z 9000 endothermic gas generator, material-handling system with auto loading and load weighing system, fan-cooled tray return with dumper system, and a process water cooling system will complete the line.

Once constructed, the line will measure more than 175 feet long, representing one of the largest roller-hearth furnaces designed and built by AFC-Holcroft. The equipment will be installed in a purpose-built addition to Heat Treating Services’ existing building. Groundbreaking on the new addition has already taken place, and the new addition is expected to accept the new line in August. AFC-Holcroft’s project management team will be responsible for the coordination, installation and integration of the entire line in the facility. Heat Treating Services Corporation of America is a high-volume thermal processor of rough forgings and castings prior to machining.