ECM has been in the industrial furnace business for quite some time. To be precise, ECM Technologies started manufacturing heat-treating furnaces in 1928.

Since that time, ECM personnel have always been committed to extending their knowledge in the field of temperature control, high pressures, vacuum, the behavior of materials and the quality construction of furnaces. This expertise has always been enriched by our close partnership with furnace users, engineers, heat-treat engineers and developers.

Today, more than eight decades after the first furnace was built, our knowledge base is at the core of all of our customers’ heat-treating equipment. It is this concern for caring and listening, combined with our passion for our profession, that has forged ECM Technologies and its subsidiaries ECM USA, ECM CHINA and ECM INDIA to a high level of spirited innovation.

With this innovative spirit comes the diligence to provide new products in this ever-changing market. We have mastered our products over the last 20 years, especially our low-pressure vacuum carburizing (LPC) systems. These systems have been successfully integrated in more than 190 installations, providing millions of carburized parts and years of equipment and process reliability.

This level of supply has catapulted ECM to become the world leader in LPC furnace supply and technology. This leadership includes the responsibility to provide state-of-the-art equipment and processes. This equipment has not only advanced LPC with our patented INFRACARB process, but it has allowed for vacuum oil quenching and the integration of 20-bar high-pressure gas-quenching capabilities. Gas-quenching technology has advanced to daily industrial use of standard steels with large loads. ECM has also created processes to increase fatigue life and wear resistance using readily available and plentiful nitrogen.

We offer technical benefits that provide more effective, reproducible and efficient heat treatments that comply with the applicable standards. Economic benefits can be due to shorter cycles and the integration of the heat treatment into the part flow or manufacturing cell.

ECM USA’s in-house technical resources include an engineering design office using CAD, a welding shop for vacuum and pressure vessels and a metallurgy laboratory. These industrial choices guarantee our autonomy and the peerless quality of the systems we sell.

ECM Technologies’ expertise is available for every customer, wherever they are, to ensure they get the best from their systems. Our field service can provide “as needed” solutions. Remote assistance has been set up to accelerate and facilitate service on most systems. Everyone on our teams contributes to the quality of the furnaces you buy. From the first draft specifications to production, each step is hallmarked by quality. Individual expertise and collective effort drive our success. 

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