Solar Atmospheres, in an effort to accommodate increasing vacuum-processing requirements, placed an order with affiliate Solar Manufacturing to supply a large-capacity horizontal vacuum heat-treating and brazing furnace for its facility in Fontana, Calif. The furnace has a work zone measuring 54 inches high x 54 inches wide x 144 inches deep and is capable of processing a workload of 30,000 pounds at 2200°F (1204°C). The furnace is expected to increase plant processing capacity by more than 25%.

 The entire hot zone utilizes high-efficiency Rayon graphite felt insulation and a hot face of CFC. Six layers of felt will be on the ring and seven layers of felt on the front door and rear heads. The insulation materials, graphite heating elements and other hardware will be supported by a 304 stainless steel ring and head frame structure. The curved heating elements will be thin, durable ISO 63 graphite and divided into multiple trim zones for optimum uniformity. They will be segmented for ease of repair and replacement. Graphite gas nozzles will surround the workload for uniform cooling.