Shiloh Industries Inc. recently announced the opening of its Montgomery County, Tenn., aluminum die-casting plant. Shiloh, which acquired the brownfield site in August 2013, has initiated renovations, upgrades and the addition of new equipment to the facility. The company estimates it will invest over $20 million and add more than 150 new jobs to support future production needs and customer demands. The investment and new jobs will be made over the course of the next five years.

The 125,000-square-foot plant is one of five Shiloh large-tonnage, high-pressure die-casting facilities in the U.S. Shiloh will expand the plant’s range of 1,600-ton die-cast machines to include a 2,500-ton machine. The company has already upgraded the quality lab, die-cast cells and X-ray systems. According to Shiloh, the continued investment in the facility will allow it to add capacity for high-pressure and structural aluminum die castings, technologies that help its customers reduce vehicle weight.