CAN-ENG Furnaces International Ltd. commissioned a 1,500-pounds/hour continuous mesh-belt atmosphere hardening furnace system for a large North American fastener manufacturer. The system is designed to provide atmosphere hardening and tempering of high-volume fasteners and includes a computerized loading system, mesh-belt controlled atmosphere hardening furnace, oil quench system, pre- and post-wash systems, and enhanced part tracking. This furnace system is fully compliant to meet the requirements of AIAG CQI-9 Heat Treatment System guidelines.

CAN-ENG included its ERS™ technology to reduce the overall energy requirements while maintaining the system’s output capacity and product quality. The combustion system integrates new self-recuperative burner technology, and CAN-ENG’s atmosphere reduction technologies were included as a secondary means of reducing energy consumption. The system has been integrated with CAN-ENG’s computerized part tracking, recipe control and data archiving system for process control.