Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corp. supplied three temper ovens to a major automotive parts manufacturer in Mexico for the tempering of CV joints. Each oven is designed for a maximum operating temperature of 250°C (482°F) with uniformity of +/- 5°C. The continuous-belt, variable-speed conveyor carries more than 240 parts per hour through the oven and cooler system, which are robot loaded and manually unloaded. Each oven is controlled with a PLC and touch screen, which includes a programmed system shutdown once the proper cool-down temperature has been achieved.

The oven design offers a short footprint that is achieved through a rapid heat-up and uniform heat distribution in the oven. It also offers an efficient cooler that brings parts to a low cool-down temperature in a compact chamber for manual handling at the unload station. Direct gas-fired burners are used as the heat source, with the oven design providing a wide range turn-down capability to conserve fuel while maintaining process-chamber uniformity.