CSI Tubular Products Inc. (CSITP), a wholly owned subsidiary of California Steel Industries (CSI), based in Fontana, Calif., commissioned an electrical resistance welding (ERW) line for up to 24-inch-diameter pipes. The line was supplied by Germany’s SMS Meer. The plant achieves production speeds of up to 35 meters per minute and is capable of producing up to 400,000 tons of pipe per year. Germany’s SMS Elotherm supplied the necessary induction HF welding and seam annealing technology. The new plant is able to produce pipes with outside diameters of between 8 5/8 inches (219 mm) and 24 inches (610 mm). Wall thicknesses range from 0.157 inches (4 mm) to 0.750 inches (19 mm), with pipe lengths between 20-80 feet (6-24.4 meters).