Wisconsin Oven Corp. shipped a horizontal quench system to be used for solution heat treating of forged aluminum gun parts. The customer provides heat-treating services to a large gun manufacturer. Two solution heat-treating ovens were purchased along with three aluminum aging ovens. The solution heat-treat system has a maximum temperature rating of 1250°F, a work chamber of 4 feet wide x 4 feet long x 4 feet high and is designed to heat a 1,000-pound load of aluminum to 950°F.

 This system was fully factory tested and adjusted prior to shipment to help reduce installation and start-up times. It is electrically heated with 144 kW of heat input and zero-fired SCR power control. The recirculation system utilizes a 15,000-CFM blower with combination airflow design to maximize temperature uniformity. The horizontal quench system features guaranteed temperature uniformity (+/-10°F at 800°F and 1100°F) and meets the requirements of AMS 2750E Class 2. According to Wisconsin Oven, it will occupy less total floor space than a typical drop-bottom system of the same chamber volume in many instances.