GE Oil & Gas announced plans to invest $60 million in expanding and modernizing its foundry operations in Lufkin, Texas. The Lufkin foundry produces industry-leading iron castings used to make beam pumping units and power transmission equipment. Construction is scheduled to be carried out in four phases commencing in 2016. The foundry manufactures approximately 72,000 tons of gray and ductile iron castings each year. About 87% of the foundry’s products are used to supply GE’s own Lufkin factories, while the remainder is sold externally to other customers.

GE plans to demolish 30,000 square feet of its existing 515,000-square-foot facility and construct 72,000 square feet of new buildings. The facility upgrades will create a simplified production process flow, improve employee working conditions and provide improved quality and delivery schedules. This investment will include modern technology and practices to reduce emissions and boost production efficiency.