Shimadzu’s HMV-G Series combines ease-of-use with reliable operation and includes models ranging from stand-alone testers, with manual reading using an optical microscope, to fully automated testers that increase efficiency by testing intricate patterns without supervision. Key aspects include:

  • Vickers hardness as standard; optional Knoop, Brinell and 115-degree triangular pyramid hardness
  • Electromagnetic control of nine distinct forces between 98.1 mN (10 gf) and 19.6 N (2,000 gf)
  • Electric turret function for automatically switching between indenter and objective lens
  • G-frame design disperses test loads uniformly, increases workspace and accommodates large specimens
  • Ideal for fracture toughness and depth of hardening measurements

An array of automated functionality enables users of any experience level to measure samples of unknown hardness easily and reliably. Test software uses an intuitive sequence of operations from setting test conditions to displaying results for simplified operation.