About 10 years ago, the thermal-processing industry was in desperate need of a powerful Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The industry got what it was looking for in 2006 thanks to technology-solution provider Throughpu| Bluestreak™, a field-based organization serving clients throughout North America.

    Born out of necessity, Bluestreak™ is the product of partner-based development. Individuals with direct experience in metal-treating operations influenced the design and functionality of this game-changing solution, which caters to the unique requirements of service-based manufacturers where the primary focus is on processing, not inventory.

    Bluestreak’s evolution from its inception to 2014 has made it the most formidable and relevant technology serving the metals industry, including its expansion into surface-finishing vertical markets. Here are a couple of reasons for Bluestreak’s success.

•   Intelligent design: Bluestreak runs within an Internet browser and requires no software on the desktop. This means you don’t have to pay for more software when your business grows. Bluestreak’s intelligent, browser-based design allows customers the choice of running Bluestreak in Software as a Service (SaaS) for a reduction in maintenance and total cost of ownership or in a traditional customer-hosted arrangement for the ultimate in control.

•   Extensible platform: Because it was designed to be extensible, any metal-treating company can easily customize Bluestreak to mirror their business’s unique workflows. Bluestreak can be easily adapted to changing requirements.

•   Simplicity: Return on Investment (ROI) is directly impacted by usability. When technology is easy to use and makes a user’s job easier, problems with adoption disappear. Bluestreak embraces simplicity as a core design element, resulting in an integrated platform that surpasses expectations.


    The “main engine” of Bluestreak is known as Q2I (Quote to Invoice), a front-office application that houses the database and tracks and generates quotes, invoices, certifications, etc. Q2I provides critical features designed to dramatically enhance information visibility and accessibility. It offers the integrated management of contracts, pricing and part data, processing instructions, customer concerns, equipment calibration logs, corrective/preventive actions and more.

    Throughput | Bluestreak incorporates an insurance policy, “Force Success,” into your purchase of Bluestreak. A team of experts is assigned to understand and plan your implementation through the entire process, including the training of all end users according to role and responsibilities.  Under the guidance of these skilled project managers, risks are minimized, implementations are controlled and predictable, and complexity is reduced as every phase is made fully transparent.

    Change is the rule, not the exception. Throughput | Bluestreak is continually adding new modules to its suite of products as well as releasing four functionality updates yearly.

    “It is gratifying to help our customers transition their businesses into 21st century functionality because if you are standing still, you are falling behind,” said Todd Wenzel, president of Throughput | Bluestreak, which has been an MTI Diamond Sponsor since 2006. “Accelerating change is rendering traditional business strategies obsolete and causing high uncertainty for long-term planning.  Therefore, we are continually developing new, cutting-edge solutions to provide higher quality and faster turnaround – basically, doing more with less.”

    Visit www.go-bluestreak.com for more information on Throughput | Bluestreak.