In a month, America faces what I call a “tipping point” – a national election of unparalleled significance. This is true, in largest part, because of two conditions: the intellectual capacity and competence of the U.S. population (knowing and understanding operation and context for American economic and political society) is abysmal; and, as studied and articulated by progressive and communist scholars, the “decay of capitalism is manifested in a variety of ways. We (U.S.) live in a society of economic, political and social decline.”

    In Düsseldorf, Germany, 95 years ago, allied military forces found a copy of Communist Rules for Revolutionthat has been followed worldwide since, with success in the U.S. over the last the last 30 years. The book summarily says that to achieve control of a society:

•   Corrupt the young, get them away from religion, make them superficial

•   Cause registration of firearms with view to confiscation, leaving a population helpless

•   Get control of all means of publicity

§  Get people’s minds off government by focusing them on athletics, sex and trivia

§  Divide people into hostile groups by harping on matters of no importance

§  Destroy people’s faith in leaders by holding them to contempt and ridicule

§  Preach democracy but seize power as fast and ruthlessly as possible

§  Encourage government extravagance, destroy its credit, produce fear of inflation

§  Foment unnecessary strikes and encourage civil disorders

§  By specious argument cause breakdown of moral virtues, honesty, faith in the pledged word and ruggedness


    Does this ring any bells? Are these not the societal patterns in America today? The Communist Party thrived to the extent of about 70,000 members maximum after World War II. It was declared illegal by U.S. law in 1954 but still exists. In 1930, regarding America, Leon Trotsky said, “The art of revolutionary leadership is primarily the art of correct political orientation.” And all the rules stated in the points above have played upon American society for the past century to achieve that orientation.

    Moving on, it is evident that a studied, ideological enemy of America exists. My analyses say that this 2014 election cycle is their best hope since the America’s founding to seize the day. It is true that the U.S. has many current and serious problems, but this is what Communist Party USA ( touts based on accurate data. We must know and acknowledge the following facts.

1. Ideas of American exceptionalism were shattered over the past decade. Pew Research Center polls show 53% think U.S. geopolitical power is at historic lows compared to 20% a decade ago.

2. Pew polls show that a majority of young people (18-29) view socialism more favorably than capitalism.

3. Approximately 23.9 million Americans have been out of work at least six months, and the real un/underemployment rate is well above 13%. Officially, 15% of those 16-24 years old are unemployed as are 36% among non-white populations.

4. The low inflation rate of 2% annually (enforced by the Federal Reserve Bank via quantitative easing) actually means a 75% decline in purchasing power over an average lifetime as related to national budget and deficit.

5. A poll by Harvard Institute of Politics found that 41% of U.S. citizens age 18-29 approve of the President’s job performance.

6. Union membership in 2013 was 11.3% of the workforce at 14.5 million. This is 35.3% of government and 6.7% of private employees.

7. Lack of public understanding of U.S. history and economics is at an all-time high.

8. Only 19% of Americans trust government to “do what is right.” An August 2014 Gallup poll says that the top problem for Americans (for the past two months) is dissatisfaction with government, something that has never happened before. The question has been asked since the 1930s.

9. Just for laughs, the total number of lawyers in the U.S. has tripled in the last 30 years, with a surplus of 25,000 new law-school toads this year.


    It is regrettable that I believe what Communists say in critique of America is true. This is why our nation is at that tipping point. As Americans, it is our job – you as industry operators and as custodians of a heritage of great accomplishments in history – to prevent the demise of the nation. America needs assistance at this election time to “do the right thing” and take back what may slip away over the edge of this tipping point. IH