Alphatek of Texas Inc. built and installed an electric drying oven for an anodizing operation in Chicago, Ill. The modular design incorporated steel and aluminum modular components to minimize shipping cost and provide for ease of expansion. The oven has a top temperature rating of 300°F and a fully accessible load zone of 72 inches wide x 72 inches high x 36 inches deep. 

In other news, Alphatek of Texas installed a vacuum furnace in Mexico. The company unloaded the furnace, directed the assembly of the large pieces, and installed and fabricated wire and pipe to bring the furnace to life. The process involved navigating local insurance and professional codes, obtaining obscure (for the region) materials such as pipe fittings and electrical hardware, dealing with language barriers, and navigating the roads. The furnace was installed with a barely detectable leak-up rate and fully functioning controls.