Sciaky Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, received a purchase order from a major aerospace parts maker to provide an electron-beam additive-manufacturing (EBAM) system. This EBAM system will help the manufacturer save significant time and cost on the production of large, high-value metal parts. Sciaky's EBAM technology combines computer-aided design (CAD), electron-beam welding technology and layer-additive processing. On July 10, Sciaky announced the availability of EBAM systems to the marketplace. It has since received two orders from a major global manufacturing company.

Starting with a 3D model from a CAD program, Sciaky's fully articulated, moving electron-beam welding gun deposits metal, layer by layer, until the part reaches near-net shape. From there, the near-net-shape part requires minor post-production machining. The 110-inch-long x 110-inch-wide x 110-inch-high build envelope of the EBAM system will allow the manufacturer to produce large parts with virtually no waste.