Established in 2007, Houston Heat Treat is a full-service heat treater based in Houston, Texas. Family-owned and operated, the company resides in a 17,000-square-foot facility designed and tailored specifically for metal treating.

    Though its doors have only been open for seven years, General Manager Mark Tate and Plant Manager David Sullinger bring a combined 57 years of heat-treating experience and knowledge to the table.

    With 30 employees working three shifts, Houston Heat Treat is able to serve its customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its varied customer base includes industrial companies from the oil and gas, aerospace, automotive and gas-turbine industries. Houston Heat Treat also works closely with local machine shops and steel service centers. In addition to its 24/7 service, the company offers delivery and pickup services to customers in the greater Houston area.

    Houston Heat Treat provides a broad range of services, including annealing, atmosphere heat treating, tempering, vacuum processing, carburizing, case hardening, carbonitriding, gas nitriding, carbon restoration, cryogenic deep freezing, normalizing, open-fire heat treating, straightening and stress relieving. While Houston Heat Treat excels in all aspects of services offered, and its employees are trained and experienced in each process, it has become known for its age-hardening processing, which is currently a large part of its business. 

    The company has a wide variety of equipment to complement its many services. Its four vacuum furnaces can process loads up to 3,500 pounds and parts up to 40 inches in diameter x 60 inches long. Houston Heat Treat has four atmosphere/oil-quench furnaces that can run loads up to 3,000 pounds with sizes up to 30 x 30 x 48 inches.  Nine temper furnaces can hold up to 40,000 pounds and sizes up to 19 feet. Perhaps most important, Houston Heat Treat has the largest gas nitrider in the southern U.S. It can hold a 15,000-pound load with sizes up to 62 inches in diameter x 96 inches long. The company also utilizes real-time digital media recorders on all of its furnace lines.

    In addition to thermal-processing services, Houston Heat Treat has access to full-service metallurgical labs to verify results and test materials. It has also been ISO 9001:2008-certified since 2007, thanks in part to employee involvement, strategic management and continual improvements in statistical process controls. 

    The most important part of Houston Heat Treat’s success is its involvement with customers. When you choose Houston Heat Treat for your metal heat-treating needs, the company works extensively with you and your process engineers. Only after a detailed analysis of your specific needs is completed does Houston Heat Treat create a customized process that will give you the best possible results. When production of your parts begins, you’re assured that they’ll be exactly to your specifications.

    Houston Heat Treat is currently in the process of redesigning its website. Nonetheless, visit for more information.


Commercial Heat Treater of the Year

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