DCC’s new HotSpot PLUS welder offers hand-held accesssories to facilitate simple spot, stud, pin and thermocouple welding functions. HotSpot PLUS accommodates attachment of sensors, light gauge studs and weldable pins to metal surfaces, wire harness strapping, insulation blanket installation and strain gauges. The HotSpot PLUS is light and portable, so you can move it right to where you need to make welds, fixture hardware and attach thermocouples. The actual welding time is a fraction of a second, and the short recycle interval, even at full power, will allow you to make six or more welds a minute – even quicker for ordinary gauge thermocouples.

The HotSpot PLUS welder is a dual-range, high-energy unit that provides fine control as well as the high power capability needed for heavier welds. Speed up your design tasks.

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