AMIGE and Zolo Technologies entered into a cooperation agreement that gives AMIGE the exclusive right to market ZoloSCAN laser combustion gas monitoring systems to the electric-arc furnace (EAF) steelmaking industry. The ZoloSCAN system measures the most critical combustion gases and temperature on near real-time basis, providing steelmakers with important process-control information never before available. AMIGE is a world leader in providing process control and optimization to EAFs. Zolo Technologies of Boulder, Colo., is a global leader in providing ultra-harsh combustion monitoring systems to the steel and power-generation markets.

The ZoloSCAN system is based on tunable diode laser-absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS), which is a proven technology for rapid reporting of combustion gases in harsh, high-temperature industrial processes. Zolo’s proprietary technology provides continuous laser-light transmission through dusty periods of the EAF cycle. Real-time detection of water vapor in the waste gas provides EAF steelmakers with a tool to quickly detect process upsets.