ISO 9001 is used by millions of people and organizations around the world. The upcoming 2015 revision will have a big impact on those who work with the standard, many of whom are MTI members. MTI will be monitoring the process and ensuring that our members are kept informed at each stage.

MTI will provide analysis of the changes and what they mean to members, companies, training organizations and the industry in general. Rand Winters, MTI’s quality consultant, said that there are some changes that members will not like. The impact of this revision will be similar to (if not greater than) the 2000 edition, which was a major change for accreditation bodies, certification bodies, training organizations, implementing organizations, procurement organizations, consultants and customers.

The transition period for ISO 9001:2000 was three years. The expectation is that the 2015 revision will be the same, so activity is being planned up to 2018. MTI will be carrying out a range of activities around the revision, including webinars, updates from Winters and educational sessions during the 2014 regional chapter meetings. 

MTI will continue to keep you informed of developments. An interview with Winters on this issue is scheduled to be released by MTI on video. If you have any questions, contact MTI at 904-249-0448 or