Heat Flow is a completely enhanced, online steady-state heat transfer calculator. The Heat Flow application allows users to simulate an unlimited number of heat transfer scenarios using Morgan Advanced Materials’ insulation and refractory products, as well as other user-defined materials.  The Heat Flow application comes pre-loaded with nearly 400 products in 10 categories offered by Morgan’s Thermal Ceramics business, including Superwool® insulating fiber and Kaowool® fiber blankets, Pyro-Bloc® Modules, K® insulating firebricks, and Kaocrete® and Kaolite® monolithics. Users will have the ability to add other materials into a user-defined database to run calculations, which utilize ASTM C680 formulas with the latest 2010 revision. The web-based Heat Flow application is compatible with most computer operating systems and web browsers, and its material database will be regularly updated. The program allows users to save favorites and view or edit previous calculations.