Thermatool received an order from one of the world’s largest suppliers of ERW pipes for a new 800-kW HAZControl™ dual-technology (induction/contact), solid-state, high-frequency welder. It has already been installed at one of the company’s North American facilities. The dual welding option offers the manufacturer many product options with the flexibility of using two welding processes, induction or contact, on one welding system. This allows for significant power savings when welding large-diameter pipe with high-frequency contact welding, yet still offers the induction welding process when needed.

The manufacturer chose Thermatool’s HAZControl technology welder software for the ability to select HF weld power and frequency in ±1 kW and 1 kHz increments, resulting in industry-leading heat input control during welding. To maximize up-time during product change-over, the predictive algorithm built into the software guides operators to the initial heat settings. When a product has been tested and proven successful, the software allows operators to store and then easily recall welding recipes so HF welding variability is reduced and repeatability is achieved regardless of operator know-how or shift-to-shift operations.