Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd. has been contracted to supply a wide-plate quench-and-temper line for the Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL). The equipment will be installed at Rourkela Steel Plant’s special plate facility in Orissa, India. The roller-hearth furnace technology will incorporate a custom-designed restrained roller spray quench that will accommodate plates from 6-100 mm (0.25-4 inches) in thickness and from 1,200-3,300 mm (47-130 inches) in width in a variety of HSLA and proprietary alloys. Start-up is scheduled for fall 2014. The overall functionality and product application is based on similar reference technology Can-Eng installed in the U.S in the past seven years. 

The complete turnkey installation includes Can-Eng’s Level-II automation system, predictive-modeling software based on continuous cooling transformation (CCT) curves and numerous other process enhancements. The overall line layout covers a footprint of 6 meters wide x 147 meters long (20 x 482 feet) and includes a roller-hearth load table, indirect-fired roller-hearth austenitizing furnace, restrained roller spray quench, transfer tables and roller-hearth temper furnace.