This is a complete list of all the feature articles that appeared in Industrial Heating in 2013. The "topic" of each article is in parentheses.



Effect of Quench Media on Steel Parts (Heat Treating)

New Technologies in Instrumentation (Process Control & Instrumentation)

Saving Money by Maximizing Furnace Uptime Productivity (Vacuum/Surface Treating)

To Test Hardness, Know What Hardness Is (Materials Characterization & Testing)



Automated Heat Treatment of Lightweight Aluminum Automotive Structural Components (Nonferrous Heat Treating)

Clean and Efficient Gas Heating of Industrial Furnaces (Industrial Gases/Combustion)

Industrial Ceramics Provide Solutions for High-Temperature Applications (Ceramics & Refractories/Insulation)

Integrated SiC Heater and Silicon Nitride Tube for Molten-Aluminum Bath (Nonferrous Melting/Forming/Joining)



An Alternative Solution for SCR-Controlled Transformer-Coupled SiC Heating Elements (Process Control & Instrumentation)

Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on Properties of Tool Steels (Heat Treating)

Maximizing Vacuum-Furnace Gas-Quenching Performance (Vacuum/Surface Treating)

Vacuum Furnaces: Maximizing the Work Zone with Creative Fixturing (Heat & Corrosion Resistant Materials/Composites)



A Unique Carburizing System Proves its Worth (Heat Treating)

Carbon-Carbon (C/C) Composite Jig for Furnace Brazing (Ceramics & Refractories/Insulation)

In-House Heat-Treat Operation Improves Efficiency (Industrial Gases/Combustion)

Introduction to Failure Analysis of Metal and Plastic Parts (Materials Characterization & Testing)



AMS 2750E: What does it mean for your temperature sensors? (Process Control & Instrumentation)

Automating Your Induction Heating Production Process (Induction Heat Treating)

Continuous-Belt Furnace for Brazing, MIM and High-Temperature Sintering (Sintering/Powder Metallurgy)

What does it take to make a bearing? (Vacuum/Surface Treating)



Biomass: Combustion and Gasification for Substitution of Natural Gas (Industrial Gases/Combustion)

Energy, Cost Savings of All-Metal Hot Zones (Heat & Corrosion Resistant Materials/Composites)

Refractory Ceramic Fiber: The Refractory “PC” (Ceramics & Refractories/Insulation)

Vacuum Carburizing for Large Gear Applications (Heat Treating)



A Practical Approach to Controlling Gas Nitriding and FNC (Process Control & Instrumentation)

Advanced Induction Heating Coupled with Magnetic Field Processing (Induction Heat Treating)

Emerging Ultra-Low-NOx Burner Technology for the Heat-Treat Industry (Industrial Gases/Combustion)

Improve Productivity with Automated Microhardness Testing (Materials Characterization & Testing)

Powdered Activated Carbon Injection System to Control Mercury Emission (Melting/Forming/Joining)



Computer Modeling, Induction Heat Treating are Here to Stay (Induction Heat Treating)

Energy-Saving Potential in High-Vacuum Brazing Furnaces Using Diffusion Pumps (Vacuum/Surface Treating)

Methods of Improving Vacuum Furnace Insulation Efficiencies (Heat Treating)

RA 253 MA® – A Microalloyed Solution for High-Temperature Applications (Heat & Corrosion Resistant Materials/Composites)

Sinter-Hardening of Powder-Metal Parts (Sintering/Powder Metallurgy)



Fuel Use for Billet Reheating Reduced with Oxyfuel Technology (Industrial Gases/Combustion)

Methods of Assessing Monolithic Refractories for Material Selection in Aluminum Melt-Hold Furnaces (Ceramics & Refractories/Insulation)

Staying Ahead of the Curve with Advanced Controls Technology (Process Control & Instrumentation)

The Deep Cryogenic Treatment Question (Heat Treating)



Gas vs. Liquid Quenching: A Direct Comparison in Jominy Hardenability (Vacuum/Surface Treating)

If you can’t measure it… (Heat Treating)

Jominy End-Quench Testing: Helpful Hints (Materials Characterization & Testing)

Maximum Efficiency, Economy in Aluminum Casting (Melting/Forming/Joining)



2014 Industry Forecast (Special Feature)

Control, Repeatability are Name of the Game with Induction Heat Treating (Induction Heat Treating)

FAST Direct Hot-Pressing Brings Sintering Up to Speed (Sintering/Powder Metallurgy)

Technical Considerations for the Use of Carbon/Carbon Composite Materials for Fixtures and Grids (Heat & Corrosion Resistant Materials/Composites)