The Metal Treating Institute graduated 36 heat-treating executives from its 2013 Y.E.S. Management Training Program on Oct. 12. The Y.E.S. program has motivated many graduates to obtain higher education, promotions and new leadership positions within their companies and in the heat-treating industry.

Each graduate participated in a challenging 10-month program spanning four cities and including four 1.5-day training sessions, more than 15 hours of online training and six plant tours. The focus of the program is to teach executives skills including strategic thinking, building high-performing teams, learning from mistakes, dealing with difficult people and building strong leadership traits.

Class members said that they initially thought they were coming to just another “rah-rah” training program, but once they got into it, they realized it was much more. Many company owners have stated that their managers return from the Y.E.S. Program a changed person.

We would like to congratulate the following MTI members that had graduating executives: Aberfoyle Metal Treaters, AFC-Holcroft, Akron Steel Treating, ALD-Holcroft, Byington Steel Treating, Century Sun Metal Treating, CRIO SA de CV, Dry Coolers, FPM Heat Treating, Gasbarre Furnace Corp., Heat Treating Inc., INEX Inc., Penna Flame Industries, Peters’ Heat Treating, Radyne Corp., Rex Heat Treating, Schunk Graphite Technology, Service Heat Treating, Solar Atmospheres, Southwest Heat Treating Corp., Stack Metallurgical Services, Steeltech Ltd., Super Systems Inc., Surface Combustion, Thermex Metal Treating Ltd., Winston Heat Treating and Wirco Inc.

If you would like more information on the 2014 Y.E.S. program, visit the MTI website at and click on the Y.E.S. Program on the left-hand menu.