American Heat Treating (AHT) was founded in 1981 to serve the saw-blade and tooling industries. Over the following three decades, the Monroe, Conn.-based company became one of the most versatile heat-treating facilities in the Northeast.

    Today, AHT serves a wide variety of industries, including automotive, off-road equipment, armament/weapons systems, consumer products, construction, firearms, medical, and tool and die. AHT also provides pickup and delivery services in the southern and central areas of Connecticut.

    AHT offers a broad range of heat-treat processes that help customers reduce costs by shortening turnaround times, reducing WIP, eliminating trucking and creating one-time quality engineering of a part. The company’s consultants will work with the customer to determine the most effective and economical approach to their requirements by utilizing the full range of equipment and services available.

    Processes offered include:

•   Continuous austemper

•   Marquenching

•   Induction processing (annealing and hardening)

•   Batch oil quench for carburizing, carbonitriding, normalizing and through-hardening

•   Continuous oil quench for carburizing, carbonitriding or through-hardening

•   Vacuum processing (annealing, brazing, solution annealing, stress relieving, aging, hardening and tempering)

•   Cold treating


    Thanks to all of these capabilities, AHT has developed a reputation for producing thin material parts without distortion. Some steel section sizes as thin as .007 inch have been successfully hardened.

    As a former winner of Industrial Heating’s Commercial Heat Treater of the Year (2005), AHT knows something about quality programs. The company is both CQI-9 compliant and ISO 9001:2008 accredited. The ISO quality system is applicable to furnace, induction heat treating and brazing for the automotive, armament/weapons, construction, defense, industrial equipment, medical, and tool and die industries. AHT’s on-site metallurgical lab – coupled with on-site fixture building as well as new product research and development – gives this commercial heat treater an advantage in that it offers customers the cost savings and convenience of one-stop shopping. The company’s experienced staff is available 24 hours a day to meet client needs.

    As proof that AHT isn’t satisfied with the status quo, it recently received a complete furnace control panel for a continuous austemper line. In an effort to implement more automation and traceability, AHT sought out Super Systems Inc. to provide updated control equipment with a centralized control panel, traceability to process parameters, automated atmosphere control with redundancy, reduced floor space and an easy-to-use operator interface. The furnace control panel will use the SSi Compact HMI interface to the PLC and 9205 process controller. Compact HMI will provide control to all I/O points, including I/O for temperatures, atmosphere, automatic feeder and belt speeds. An extensive alarming system will provide fast notification of critical conditions with suggested resolutions.

   AHT is a very active member of both the Metal Treating Institute (MTI) and ASM International, where ideas are transferred between other heat-treat professionals for the benefit of customers. The company was used as a beta site during the development of the Center for Heat Treating Excellence’s (CHTE’s) computerized heat-treatment planning system for batch furnaces and then again for continuous furnaces.

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