Let’s face it: The “economy” is always on our minds. Whether we’re thinking about the current state of affairs, prognosticating about the future or dwelling on past successes/failures, the economy won’t go away. It’s a huge factor in just about every business decision a company makes. Can we hire the new employees we need? Do we buy a new piece of equipment or refurbish an older one? Should we put off that expansion plan for another year or buy that new building now?

                In an effort to forecast what the coming year holds for the thermal-processing industry, Industrial Heating polled several manufacturers to get their opinions on their respective companies specifically and the economy in general. Not only did we attempt to predict 2014, we reviewed 2013 for some added perspective.

                A total of 14 companies participated in this special project. Seven furnace manufacturers were polled: Bill Disler of AFC-Holcroft (video), Patrick Weymer of BeaverMatic (audio), Joe Saliba of Can-Eng Furnaces International (print), Larry Jones of Lucifer Furnaces (print), Jonathan Markley of SECO/WARWICK (print), Dan Goodman of Surface Combustion (print) and Alan Charky of VAC AERO (print). Seven additional equipment suppliers were interviewed: Vic Strauss of Custom Electric (video), Brian Russell of Dry Coolers (audio), George Conrad of GeoCorp (audio), Mike Kasprzyk of INEX (video), Jeff Smith of SBS Corp. (audio), Gary Salerno of Steeltech Ltd. (audio) and Clayton Wilson of Yokogawa (audio). Metal Treating Institute (MTI) CEO Tom Morrison (video) was also interviewed.

                You can watch, listen and read what they had to say. Simply click on the name below. 


Video Interviews

Bill Dilser, AFC-Holcroft

Vic Strauss, Custom Electric

Mike Kasprzyk, INEX

Tom Morrison, Metal Treating Institute


Audio Interviews

Patrick Weymer, BeaverMatic

Brian Russell, Dry Coolers

George Conrad, GeoCorp

Jeff Smith, SBS Corp.

Gary Salerno, Steeltech Ltd.

Clayton Wilson, Yokogawa 


Print Interviews

Joe Saliba, Can-Eng Furnaces International

Larry Jones, Lucifer Furnaces

Jonathan Markley, SECO/WARWICK

Dan Goodman, Surface Combustion

Alan Charky, VAC AERO