Voss Manufacturing, a manufacturer of heat-transfer tooling and equipment, expanded its facilities with the addition of an atmosphere furnace supplied by Lucifer Furnaces. Voss Manufacturing decided to increase capacity and throughput by adding a furnace for larger batches. The Sanborn, N.Y.-based company also wanted to eliminate costly and time-consuming stainless steel wrapping of parts with a furnace operating with a nitrogen atmosphere. The space-saving, dual-chamber Series 8000 AM unit features a high-temperature upper chamber heating to 2050°F over a lower-chamber tempering oven that reaches 1600°F. Both chambers have working dimensions of 12 inches x 12 inches x 24 inches.

The upper chamber is designed with an RA330 corrugated alloy muffle for heat treating under atmosphere. The muffle is fully supported on silicon-carbide hearth plates. Upper-chamber heating elements are located on side walls as well as under the muffle for uniform heating. The lower chamber is equipped with a recirculating fan for convection heating and uniform temperature. Temperature in both chambers is controlled by separate Honeywell UDC2500 microprocessor-based programmable temperature controllers.