Austria’s Hertwich Engineering received an order from Service Center Metals (SCM) of Prince George, Va., for the supply of a compact-type remelt plant. The plant will enable SCM to remelt in-house and external recycling scrap into extrusion material. Hertwich Engineering’s scope of supply comprises a stationary multi-chamber melting and casting furnace, two horizontal casting machines with flying saw and continuous homogenization plant. Two ingot diameters of 9 inches (228 mm) and 14 inches (356 mm) can be produced at the same time. The plant, which is scheduled for commissioning in the first half of 2014, will have an annual capacity of 30,000 tons.

Alumetal of Nova Sol, Poland, commissioned a rotary tilting-type furnace and a water-cooled, belt-type ingot caster supplied by Hertwich Engineering. This production line, the company’s second, doubles its production capacity to 66,000 tons per year. This is the second belt-type ingot caster from Hertwich Engineering that Alumetal has put into operation. The ingot casting line has been in operation since the second quarter of 2013. In other news, Aluminium d.d. Mostar, of Bosnia and Herzegovina, commissioned an ingot casting line supplied by Hertwich Engineering. In addition to electrolysis metal, the company can now remelt and cast clean process scrap on the new line, which comprises a melting/casting furnace and an air-cooled, belt-type ingot caster.