vent a kiln hood ventilation systemEnergy-saving, table-top Vent-A-Fume systems are ideal for removing both toxic fumes and heat that usually escape from such applications as heat-treating furnaces and ovens and work-bench area welding and soldering operations. Since the Vent-A-Fume’s design enables fumes and heat to be captured immediately at their source, any process emissions can be exhausted quickly and efficiently to the outside of the work area or into any existing ductwork venting system. The bench-mounted Vent-A-Fume is available in three hood diameters (27, 32 and 37 inches) and exhaust blowers of 250 or 450 CFM. Standard hoods are fabricated from .063-gauge aluminum. Hoods are also available in stainless steel or polypropylene and in square or rectangular shapes.