High-Temperature SealantPyro-Putty 653 is a new high-temperature sealant and metal repair compound used to repair corrosion and other defects in castings and weldments for commercial and industrial burners, ovens, and furnaces in applications to 2000°F. It is an inorganic, single-part, ceramic and metal-filled paste that bonds tenaciously to cast iron, steel and stainless steel. Pyro-Putty 653 is ideal for sealing cast steel casings, housings, pipes, and flanges. It can also be used as a replacement for non-structural weldments and flame spray repairs that otherwise fatigue rapidly at high temperatures. Pyro-Putty 653 can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces in cross sections up to .5 inches thick, and it can be machined and sanded easily after setting at room temperature for 4-8 hours.