Atmosphere Engineering Co. and Super Systems Inc. expanded their joint marketing agreement to deliver a combination of Praxair gases, software and controls to customers in Canada and Mexico, including aerospace and automotive manufacturers. The initial agreement, announced in 2008, enabled the three companies to serve customers in the U.S. The technology and products offered through the agreement make it easier for manufacturers to produce parts that meet exacting ASM and ISO/TS standards for strength and durability. The expanded agreement will also enable the companies to produce, measure and control consistent, precise high-temperature atmospheres for the processing of metal parts used in aerospace and automotive applications.

Customers will have access to Praxair gases, applications technologies and supply systems, as well as process controllers and data-acquisition software from Super Systems and precise furnace atmosphere control panel systems from Atmosphere Engineering. The combined capabilities of the three companies cover a broad spectrum of batch and continuous heat-treating processes, such as annealing, brazing, sintering and carburizing.