Metal Hot Zones for MIMThe hot zone is the heart of every MIM furnace. PLANSEE’s molybdenum and tungsten hot zones are designed for temperatures between 1000-2800˚C (1832-5072˚F). All-metal hot zones are the solution for applications requiring extreme cleanliness. Graphite furnaces can frequently cause carbon contamination, resulting in parts that may not be suitable for use. All-metal hot zones are designed to prevent heat loss and ensure that high temperatures are achieved. Well-designed all-metal hot zones have a long service life, offer short heating and cooling cycles and distribute heat uniformly. With its creep-resistant molybdenum alloys and creatively engineered lightweight construction methods, PLANSEE is continuously improving hot-zone energy efficiency. Significant improvements in the ease of use and installation of our hot zones have recently been made, including a pre-installed shutter assembly and an optimized door design.