Ajax TOCCO has been awarded an order for an industrial-duty, dual-spindle, servo-controlled vertical scanner to induction harden inner rings used in transmissions. The scanner is equipped with a rotary index table capable of producing 600 parts per hour. Two inner rings are manually loaded by the operator on the rotary index table tooling. A start button initiates the cycle, causing the rings to be indexed and raised up into the inductors, where they are statically heated and quenched. At the completion of the quench cycle, the rings are lowered and returned to the load/unload position for removal by the operator. Quick-change tooling allows for minimal changeover time.

The scanner uses a solid-state, high-frequency Pacer power supply and features Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Magnescan QS control system with coil signature capability. This control package accurately monitors induction-hardening parameters to ensure precise results are obtained, including: energy monitor, quench temperature, quench flow (each spindle) and quench pressure (each spindle).