Wirco Inc. is a design-centered casting and fabrication company specializing in heat-resistant stainless steels. Today’s manufacturing challenges require our customers to consider and process different parts than they did in the past. This often necessitates new tooling and new design concepts on how to best fixture and load for maximum efficiency.

    Wirco has a wealth of knowledge and technology to develop new fixturing to meet these challenges. Our field sales representatives and engineering department will work with you to gather the necessary information to ensure all the specifics of your project are identified. Our team of engineers will cross-reference your part and loading requirements with our extensive library of more than 10,000 patterns and core boxes. Next, our team will decide if your requirements can be met with our existing tooling or if new tooling is required. When new tooling is required, we begin the design phase of your project.

    We start with a concept design aimed at showing you the loading ideas we are employing. Upon your approval of the initial design concept, we turn the sales drawing into a solid model within Solid Works®. Our experienced engineers will run a myriad of stress calculations to ensure the casting design is ideal for your needs. Solid modeling allows us to look at your fixture as a three-dimensional model rather than standard two-dimensional viewing. Upon your approval of the concept, we will generate a quote and lead time for your project. Once the project is ordered, we will begin making the pattern.

    The first step in the pattern-making process is to run the design through Magma Soft® solidification modeling. This ensures we gate and pour the casting in the most ideal fashion. Our pattern shop is fully integrated into our foundry. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art pattern-making equipment to turn concepts into reality. Upon verification from Magma Soft that the pouring and gating concepts are sound, we convert the solid model into our CAM software. The CAM software converses with one of our eight CNC machines to ensure the patterns are made to exact specifications. Wirco typically makes patterns from aluminum or highly durable plastic to ensure years of consistent output. Prior to the production run, sample castings are put through a variety of quality checks to ensure they meet internal and customer specifications. Upon customer approval, we begin the production run of your newly designed fixture.

    Never settle for a design that is less than ideal for your application. A foundry must have vertically integrated design and pattern-making capabilities to be able to service your needs and maximize profits.